Rethinking Penn Station

Independent Design Project
Research Partner | Caressa Siu
Vertical Design Studio | Spring 2013
Advisor | Michael Casey Rehm


By studying the constant energy transfer of Newton’s Cradle and Eadweard Muybridge’s stop-motion photographs, a system of spinning triangles are programed to bounce off each other, with scales and colors (carnelian, amber, and anti- flash white, from “Still Life with Flowers and Fruit” by Rachel Ruysch) as the affected parameters.

A 3D system is transformed from the 2.5D system of the drawing by having the triangular agents rotate in three dimensional space and bounce off each other. A secondary framing system is generated based on the tracing of agents’ movements. The emergence and avoidance of the system allow the various densities to differentiate the solid and void, and also programs. The secondary system is transformed into enclosures and structures. The subtle directionality and the entrances that created along the site, not only attract people towards the river, but also provides potential program space.