Student Housing Complex

Independent Project
CASE Design Studio | Fall 2014
Advisor | Demetrios Comodromos


A linkage of Buttermilk Channel and West 8”s new park, which is blocked by the East Development Zone, becomes both a landscape bridge and wall embedding various micro-ecosystems for different student activities. Resident students have the advantage to use the space under the stairs, terrace and even roof enclosed by a façade that prevents the direct sunlight. From the study of cutaneous respiration, a passive indoor air circulation is introduced to the building.

The envelope of the building is designed to merely transport indirect natural light into the interior of the building, while still enabling the accessibility of the views to the park and Manhattan Island. The semi-public space of the student housing complex is protected by the envelope from the sever winter climate, in order to promote counter-interactions between different bodies of students who live here.