Zero Energy Residential High-rise

Option Studio | Spring 2017
Advisor |
Ali Malkawi, Gordon Gill


Serving as an iconic architecture at the entrance of Chicago River into the city, the tower emerges from the ground and expands into the sky. All the residential units on the upper portion of the building, take full advantage of solar energy for natural daylight and heat gain. The arrangement of the units and the interior walls, aims to utilize summer pavilion wind for natural ventilation. In the winter, the southwest pavilion wind is blocked by the orientation and the façade details. The units have the best view access to the lake shore and the highway through the proximity of the large windows on both south and north sides. Pedestrian bridge is extended out from the open ground in front of the building, as well as the public portion on the lower levels, to reach the park on the other side of Lake Shore Drive. A harbor is connected to the pedestrian bridge on the north side. On the south site, along with open space, landscaping and plantings, the bike storage located in a space stretches out from under the pedestrian bridge, frame a better view toward Lake Shore Drive from eye level.

ST_Unit_Design strategies.jpg