Housing Complex[ity]

Independent Project
Vertical Design Studio | Spring 2012
Advisor | Andrew Saunders


A series of three tropes is concluded through a two month study and analysis of Case Study House #21, Bailey House was designed by Pierre Koenig in 1959. The goals of the project were to standardize housing construction and unit planning, introduce modern lifestyle, and bring in the nature to the interior.

A new grid is generated from an orthogonal grid based on the trope analysis of Bailey House. The various density of the wavy curve field defines interior and exterior space. Façade is generated by connecting the curves around the dense curves. A core of stairs, elevator, bathrooms and kitchens, only with the configuration of the façade, defines space like living room and bedrooms. The thin and folding glass curtain walls increase the thickness of the façade, and the thin steel mullions differentiate the transparency of the façade in different perspective.